Me Vs Pro-Ana

Here I have written some of the sayings that ‘inspired’ me to be ‘strong’ and not eat when I was very unwell with my eating disorder. It wasn’t easy to write this, because it brought back a lot of memories and reminded me of what motivated me to keep going when I was already very weak.

I have written a few pro-anorexia quotes and underneath (in bold) I have written my personal response to them…

‘Nothing tastes as good as thin feels’

We are designed to eat food, that’s why it tastes good

‘Go stand in front of the mirror, still want to binge?’

If you eat a healthy, balanced diet you won’t feel the need to binge

‘Starving is an example of excellent will power’

Anorexia does not make you strong; it is an illness. Fighting it makes you strong.

‘Fat hangs on your bones like a parasite’

A bit of fat is healthy, we need it to keep us warm and for women to have children

‘Hunger hurts, but starving works!’

Starving yourself eventually leads to death; it doesn’t ‘work’

‘Giving in to food shows weakness. Be strong and you will be better than everyone else.’

Hunger exists for a reason; we need to eat to live

‘Keep calm and stop eating until they take you to the hospital’

Do you want to die?

‘Calories will never make you happy’

Food releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy

‘Unless you die, keep going!’

If you keep going, you will die eventually

‘Pretty girls don’t eat’

There are more people on the planet without anorexia than those with it; they are all beautiful in their own way

‘You don’t NEED food’

Without food, we starve to death

‘Starving makes you strong’

It takes a great deal of strength to overcome anorexia

‘When you start to feel dizzy and weak, you’re almost there’

It is not normal to feel dizzy and weak, that is a sign of your body giving up

‘You have to work to look good’

There are other, healthier ways of staying slim other than starving yourself

‘Eating will NOT make you happy’

When you get well, you will come to enjoy food


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