Not A Lot Has Changed

Dear Reader,

It’s been a long time since I posted about my deteriorating health, but that is for good reason. Not a lot has changed since I received my shocking results (or non-results).

I am still bed-bound the majority of the time; I hardly leave the house, even go downstairs; I’m still exhausted all the time; I’m still weak; I still have vomiting episodes; I’m still bleeding internally and I’m still bored, lonely and scared.

Bowel cancer has been ruled out. So what? Am I to assume that everything will be fine? Or should I take the less optimistic attitude and expect to have something equally awful wrong with me? Based on my symptoms, it’s more than likely.

I am seeing the consultant on Monday. I’m going to take my list of symptoms along (again) and hope that he orders the rights tests this time; hopefully an MRI.

I’m on so many drugs I must rattle when I walk. Not only do I take eight tablets a day for my bipolar, I’ve now added another twelve-sixteen to the daily list with my painkillers (making my intake of pills up to twenty four a day) . My boyfriend wonders if it’s all these chemicals that made me ill in the first place. It would be ironic.

I will be writing to you again on Monday when I will hopefully have some more news.




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