20 Facts You Don’t Know About Me

1) I went vegetarian when I was 11 and vegan when I was 20.

2) I suffer with Rapid Cycling Bipolar although I was diagnosed with Type II in 2011.

3) I take a lot of medication for my bipolar, including lithium and they all have horrible side effects.

4) I am a recovering anorexic/ bulimic.

5) I am a recovering alcoholic; I got sober on the 16th of April 2012.

6) I went to AA for 4 years.

7) I graduated from the University of Kent in May 2014 after studying Philosophy there for 5 years.

8) I have a Dalmatian called Ellie.

9) I have foreign blood. My Nan was German, my great grandmother was Polish, my great grandfather was Israeli and I have cousins in Israel.

10) My great grandmother, Paola, was a survivor of a concentration camp.

11) I play guitar but mainly sing, I used to be in a band.

12) The best job I ever had was as a librarian.

13) I am an Atheist.

14) I was born on the Isle of Wight (England).

15) I live with my boyfriend, Jules.

16) Although for years I have wanted to teach philosophy, I have recently decided I want to write as a career.

17) I have several scars. I have one on my forehead- like Harry Potter’s- which I got when I was four and walked into a coat peg. The others are on my wrists from when I was in a very bad place and tried to take my own life when I was 21.

18) I am a chronic insomniac.

19) I’m not very good at this…

20) Nope, sorry, I’ve run out!



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