The Arrival Of Unwelcome News

Dear Reader,

This afternoon I received the results I have been waiting almost six months for. I have endured pain, vomiting, using the toilet up to twenty times a day, bleeding, fevers and utter exhaustion. This illness has had me bedridden since before Christmas.

This is why I was baffled and confused to hear that my biopsies identified no problems with my bowel; in the words of my doctor they are: ‘Normal.’

This news led me to have a major panic attack after putting down the phone which lasted an hour. I couldn’t breathe through my tears of desperation and my boyfriend holding me tight could not console my emotional pain this time.

One would think I would be happy with this result as it rules out bowel cancer but- honestly- I’d prefer to face any result if it led to them fixing me, at last.

Alas, instead I and those close to me are left in the dark, back to square one and all I can do it wait to see the consultant in a couple of weeks and see if he orders further tests.


A Depressed Michaela


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