A Brief Health Update

Dear Reader,

I can only describe the last few days as hell.

Four days ago I entered into a permanent state of exhaustion; I slept solidly for three days and was so out of it that I now have short-term memory loss of that time. One night my boyfriend kept on insisting that we call 111 but I told him there would be no point as there is nothing they can do for me until they have my test results.

Following the utter exhaustion, the night before last I woke up at around 3am and began projectile vomiting. I threw up so much acid that my mouth is still burning and it hurts to eat and drink.

Today I woke up fine but within half an hour the room started spinning (something which has happened on and off throughout this illness). The only thing I can think to put this down to is severe dehydration.

I have a sort of intuition that there is something terribly wrong with my body and whatever it may be is trying to escape, one way or another.

On the bright side, in comparison to how long I’ve waited so far it is only a very small amount of time before I get my results and they can finally find a way of fixing me, for I am nothing less than broken.

Yours, as always,

Michaela x


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